DPF Guys

DPF & DOC Cleaning for All Diesel Engines

Including Light Duty, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty & Sprinter Vans

Pickup and Delivery Available

24 Hour Turn-Around

Clean like New & Back to You in Record Time

  • We offer pickup and delivery six days a week (Monday through Friday) from 8:30am to  5pm with 24 hour turn-around.

  • Just call us at 404-999-1361 and we will be on the way to pick up your dirty DPF and DOC filters. We work for you to keep diesel exhaust system like new and your equipment out of the service bay and on the road!

Pickup & Delivery Available with 24 Hour Turn-Around

  • Save precious time and resources.

  • Leave the driving to us with prompt, professional pick up and delivery!

  • Downtime is never a good time.

  • The DPF Guys 24 hour turn-around promise will get you back where you need to be… on the road and making money and not dealing with DPF issues.

DPF & DOC Cleaning for ALL Diesel Engines

  • The DPF Guys are your diesel exhaust cleaning experts no matter what equipment you run.

  • Class 8 Heavy Diesel? We do that.

  • Light or Medium Duty Trucks? Keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. Don’t replace your dirty DPF, clean it!

  • Plugged DPF in a Sprinter Van? Let us get you out of limp mode and back on the road!

  • Construction equipment, farm equipment, buses, generators, pumps and more… anything with a dirty DPF or DOC, call us at 404-999-1361 and let us get you back on the job!

Never Let a Dirty DPF Slow Your Hustle!

  • DPFs are designed to keep themselves clean as long as you don’t live in the real world.
  • The fact is that DPFs are actually delicate gadgets and you DO live in the real world.
  • Stop & go traffic, lots of idling, inability to do a proper regen, engine issues and a dozen other things will cause your DPF to s-l-o-w and eventually s-t-o-p your hustle.
  • Hustle equals money and the DPF Guys want to keep you keep you (and your cash flow) moving!

Big, Small or In Between.

On Road, Off-Road or Even On Rails or Water.

If It Has a DPF We Can Clean It!


Tractors & Diesel Farm Equipment

Construction, Mining & Earth Moving

Never Let a Dirty DPF Slow Your Hustle!

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24 Hour Turn-Around
Pick Up and Delivery Available in Most Areas
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